Developing The Culture and Climate For Innovation

organisational and team climate development

The terms culture and climate are often used interchangeably and whilst they are connected, climate is far more definable, measurable, and readily changeable than culture.

Based on using the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ), Perspectiv help teams and organisations to understand, measure and improve the climate for innovation and the health of the working environment.

The difference in climate scores between the best and worst teams is striking: in the best teams, trust and openness is three times higher than in the worst teams so the SOQ can greatly help identify areas for improvement that need to be addressed for a team to be more productive.

At the organisational level, climate has been shown to influence many economic and social factors such as quality, return on capital employed (ROCE), employee engagement, and innovation. The organisational use of the SOQ provides results that help inform where to target precious resources for maximum return.

Our Developing the Climate for Innovation offerings include conducting climate assessments to measure the health of your organisation, department, or team along with targeted recommendations for its development, as well as enabling people to use SOQ results to make a measurable difference to the climate and resulting business performance.

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