What we do

Enable leaders at every level to grow their leadership capabilities - model, inspire, challenge, enable, encourage - and get the best from their own and others’ performance.


  • Dispel the myth that leaders are born - empower people to stretch way beyond self imposed boundaries and unlock their leadership potential.
  • Recognising the enormity of the tasks and time pressures leaders face, work on developing an individual’s ability to be the best they can be.
  • Use the best tools that combine rigour with practical application:
    The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership - widely acknowledged as the world’s most trusted source for developing better leaders.
    The Situational Outlook Questionnaire - to help make the invisible aspects of working climate more visible.
    Creative Problem Solving - for innovation, problem solving, and collaboration


  • Through personal and team coaching that both supports and challenges, encourage learning and insightful reflection as core competencies that enable leaders to make consistent and fulfilling progress.
  • Through presentations, assessment instruments, books, tools, and other resources, to short courses and customised on-going programmes.