The Integrated High Performance Leadership Programme

developing people whilst developing the business

Our Integrated High Performance Leadership Programme (IHPL) offerings are for leaders and organisations wanting a longer term, on-going programme.

Leadership at a high level of performance requires the dynamic interaction of four inter-related factors; the results required, the people involved, the context, and the methods used to bring it about. Over or under emphasising any of these components reduces the level of performance and the quality of results produced.

By definition, leaders have followers. Therefore it is not just their own performance leaders need to focus on improving - they also need to figure out ways to help raise the performance of those they lead.

Our experience has shown that learning how to lead change is best accomplished when people can learn while working on real and meaningful topics. Therefore, the best training experiences must draw a parallel to real-world, business context and priorities, so leaders are well prepared to face those realities when they leave the training room and re-enter the work place.

Given this context, the Integrated High Performance Leadership Programme provides leaders with the knowledge, skills and behaviors that enable them to lead the entire system of an organisation.

The programme provides sound theory that explains “why”, as well as best practice that explains "how", plus the opportunity to make learning ‘real’ by applying new skills on priority business topics.

Based on modules and tools that have been used across the world and taught at the leading Cass Business School, click here for more information, this programme typically runs with senior management teams over the longer term. It supports the entire cultural development of the business, integrates vision and strategy work, values work, engagement, innovation and problem solving, high performance leadership and teamship.

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