Skills For Effective Collaboration

transforming relationships

In an increasingly complex, interrelated, global world the ability to build and sustain collaborative relationships is an essential skill required at every level of an organization. Collaboration is a challenge demanding new approaches and behaviours. The unified goal for collaboration may be to the benefit of the entire organisation, but collaboration starts with the individual first.

Initially keen to collaborate, our enthusiasm easily wanes and frustration increases when so many obstacles block progress, so we head back to the comfort and safety of our ‘silos’! Enthusiasm alone is not enough – we need skills and competencies to build and sustain collaborative relationships.

Our Skills for Effective Collaboration offerings provide the understanding and capabilities required by individuals, or intact teams, to transform relationships and build successful collaboration, across functions and departments, or externally with suppliers, customers and partners.

Based on a combination of research and real practical experience of what works and what doesn’t, we help you

  • Understand the fundamental principles, benefits and barriers to collaboration and the many ‘faces’ of tension and conflict
  • Increase your self–awareness and understand your current approach to collaboration
  • Build or strengthen your collaboration competencies incorporating Skills for Personal Effectiveness - raise your personal effectiveness and develop the skills to build relationships, change the impact you have and overcome obstacles when collaborating with others
  • Understand the value of uncovering causal factors to tension and conflict by dissolving barriers to agreement - removing the ‘elephants in the room’. Learn how to do this through skilled conversations that combine Listening and Feedback skills with Dialogic principles

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Perspectiv focuses on customised in-house programmes. Collaboration and Team Skills Workshops are Perspectiv’s customised range of one to four day development options.

We work with the organisation to customise the workshops for a general audience, or might target specific internal teams. Programmes can be supported with Collaboration and Team Coaching which is typically established on the basis of a number of sessions, or over a fixed period with a fee agreed for the whole contract.

For more information on the options available, please contact us on +44(0)1844 290700 or