“Perspectiv helped us improve our leadership and teamship on a number of levels – with strategy leadership, bid leaders, business unit management teams, and with the senior directors. They integrated the best leadership, teamship, and problem solving resources to meet our unique needs. Perspectiv also challenged us to sometimes hear and see what, to be honest, we sometimes didn’t want to deal with. This is the mark of trust we had with Perspectiv.”
David Kerr, Director, Halcrow
“We achieved the $120m (25%) cost reduction goal. Thank you for your help.” “We achieved with you in 2 days what took 2 years with the last consultants.”
Serge Thierry, European Marketing Manager, Armstrong Building Products
“I needed to raise the game of the senior leadership team and the extended management team. Perspectiv’s integrated leadership and team development programme really challenged us to step up to new levels of performance – with results beyond my expectations.”
Brian Gunn, CEO, Advantica
“To coin the phrase " the proof of the pudding is in the eating". Kate shares knowledge, insight and empathy with me and continually pushes me to be a better leader. It isn't easy route, but on the other hand I am richly rewarded, with a high performing team, and the knowledge that I am both respected, and viewed as credible in my industry, resulting in new business initiative, and partnerships. Kate moves the individual beyond just thinking that they can lead, to understanding what leadership entails and how to personally apply it to achieve the business results your company needs. She tailors this to the personality skilfully, and builds a process which can be immediately acted on.”
Ruth Donaldson, Market Manager, Platinum Guild International, UK
“Kate's workshops were tremendously helpful in enabling us to identify business opportunities, develop those ideas and start tackling the next steps. Working closely with the team she supported the entire process, creating innovative, demanding workshops which helped to challenge perceptions and push the boundaries of what we all felt could be achieved.
The holistic approach meant she really researched and understood our needs before the workshops even began, and throughout (and after) the groups she continued to push and encourage to make sure we got the best out of them. Everybody felt energised and engaged by the style of working and the opportunities we identified.
Most importantly, the workshops were focused and pragmatic, helping us to identify themes, understand the obstacles and work to solve those problems. Kate's energy and commitment to the project were second to none - as was her passion for helping the team reach their goals."
Angela Newton, Head of Book Publishing, Leading Consumer Organisation
"Working with Perspectiv to fill our innovation funnel was a dynamic, creative, enjoyable and inclusive process. Also important for us an SME was that it represented good value for money. Kate was able to deliver against these objectives and a number of the projects which originated in the workshops are well down the path to being brought to market“
Elaine Underwood, Marketing Director, KalloFoods, Wessanen UK
“I inherited a very technically competent sales team comprised of individuals focused upon hitting their individual targets. It was evident however that although the performance of individuals was acceptable we were under performing as a team.
Kate worked with me and my team to set about identifying our individual preferred ways of working. This enabled us to build trust between us as individuals and as a team. This led to a much higher awareness of what we could attain as a team rather than as individuals and thus improved the performance of each individual by adopting a more cooperative culture.
Working with Kate increased my personal awareness of my leadership position within the organisation and the influence I had. Kate helped me develop a better understanding of myself, my preferences and how to interact with colleagues who had different styles of working. The skills that I learnt helped me improve my working relationship with my senior colleagues and thus improve the performance of the business.”
Ciaran O’Conchuir, Sales Director, Advantica
“We retained Kate Stuart-Cox and Perspectiv during a critical time of our firm's expansion when we had merged with a large international consultancy. The challenges were enormous, including bringing together management teams from different divisions and countries. We knew that if we couldn't learn to work together as a team and respect each other as individuals, we had little chance of achieving any of the other objectives. 
Kate took the team through a variety of assessments and challenges over several sessions that had a dramatic impact on all involved. The VIEW profiling showed us the vast differences of how each of us absorbed and responded to different circumstances. This allowed me to vary how I dealt with individual team members so that they could contribute and feel relevant based on how they processed information, not how I perceived they did. Allowing those that needed time to process, reflect and comment on the issues at hand made them equal contributors to those that were quick and aggressive off the mark, resulting in a greater contribution from the entire team. Understanding these differences and the techniques Kate taught us is still something I use in every group situation to this day. In simple terms, she made me a better leader.   
The group responded quickly to these sessions by gaining a greater respect and trust of one another. They also gained better insight into how important it was to truly understand how individual team members felt and reacted to comments of a personal nature during her Dialogue process. This process gave us techniques to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to express how they felt prior to ending a session, which in turn made future meetings and the subsequent actions much more productive and enjoyable. While simple and obvious, without Kate and these techniques we wouldn't have come close to maximizing the combined team's potential. 
Our firm had utilized many consulting firms over the years that focused on many traditional team building exercises. Kate was different. She focused on the team members and their uniqueness as a strength, not a weakness. She taught us how to work within these differences in the complexities of a team environment. As we found, if you get that right, the rest of the tasks were easy as the team would be working in a collaborative and respectful environment.
My only complaint to Kate after we completed the sessions was that I didn't think she charged enough as the value we received from her time with us was invaluable. 
Andy Bergmann, CEO, International Engineering Consultancy
“Andy has a great gift for making hard work look easy, gives precise feedback, is always open to new ways of challenging the norms and has shown me enhanced ways of facilitating and getting the maximum possible benefits from working with people.”
Brian McNamee, Business Change and Delivery Manager, National Grid
“I led the ‘Keystone’ task force working with Perspectiv to help transform the company and was responsible for providing facilitative leadership and collaborative problem solving support for both internal and external requirements. Our internal evaluation of the benefits included:
Improved customer engagement
Increased employee engagement
Improved efficiency and effectiveness of problem solving
Developed an internal capability to manage change – avoiding £100,000 of consultancy costs
Helped to secure strategic contracts worth over £50m”
Nick Murray, Business Improvement Manager, Advantica
“Without doubt, the 4Ps system for understanding, developing and applying innovation is the best in the market.”
Jeffrey Hyman, Director of Innovation, RHM Group Ltd.
"Andy was quite simply a trusted aide to me, the CEO and many on the Board.”
David Kerr, Director, Halcrow
"Over 10 years ago, for me, Andy set a benchmark for coaches. Within his field no one has come close. He has a rare ability to understand your environment, your issues and like magic, pull out the tools relevant to you. If you want the effects of candid and practical leadership development that are important and last over the long term, speak to him. Lastly, Andy has a great sense of humour and we continue to work together."
Paul Soor, MD, VOLO TV
“I can certainly say, without hesitation, that I have received great benefit from the Leadership Challenge programs and workshops we’ve all participated in. The 360˚ feedback, the VIEW, dialog sessions and personal coaching opportunities have left me with a heightened sense of self-awareness, a greater closeness and respect for my team mates and a more disciplined style of behavior that, I believe, has made me a more effective leader.”
Shelley Young, Advantica, USA
"I have worked with Sue both as a colleague and a client and find her responsive, professional yet able and willing to push conventional thinking. She is a superb facilitator and has a knack of being able to 'extract' the key issues from a group. Sue is very experienced at supporting organisational change, both from a corporate perspective and also in helping individuals find innovative ways to tackle problems and opportunities and come to term with the fear of the unknown. I will certainly be using Sue again to help focus on identifying the important issues and breaking the change process down into bite size chunks"
John Collier, CEO, Exemplas
“In today’s uncertain times, a company’s strength truly lies in its people and their ability to work effectively together. Since its introduction by PerspectivTeam Development has become an essential part of our culture and I have been staggered by the positive change that Perspectivhas engendered throughout the organisation, cutting through some of the most complex cultural barriers to create a global team that are working to the same vision and with the same language, whichever office they may reside in.
The deep understanding of business, cultural and psychological needs, the natural ability to strengthen the group without ever losing sight of the individual, and the great positive energy have made Perspectiv an invaluable asset.
 “As we’re rarely taught to be a Manager (and much less a Leader!), the LPI Challenge and subsequent coaching have been invaluable, providing me with a deeper understanding of my personal style, vision and values, as well as a framework through which the broader organisation can support my development into a more effective leader. Both the insights and the great emotional support provided have helped me to reframe my own perspectives and achieve a more balanced approach – both at work and in my personal life. A truly transformational experience I would highly recommend!
“Although it was fairly intensive, I gained so much from the CPS Training with Perspectivwhich has not only benefited the company by developing my facilitation skills, but also benefited me personally by providing me with a new and effective approach to problem-solving.!”
Anna Freedman, International Marketing Manager, Platinum Guild International Limited
'We achieved more during the 1.5 hr meeting that Nikki facilitated than we did in the previous 3 meetings put together' 
Tom Clarke, Account Manager, Advantica
“Perspectiv has worked with PGI USA to create a culture change that has transformed the team environment and productivity.  By working on tangible behviors and skills, a culture of open communication and mutual learning has resulted in happier more productive teams.  This has transformed professional and personal lives.
Huw H. Daniel, President, Platinum Guild International, USA
"The LPI is a must, especially for any senior managers working in a cross-cultural environment. There is nothing abstract about LPI. It directly identifies and helps the leader address work-related issues stemming from the gap between how the leader perceives his/her contribution to the team versus how the team sees their leader. The LPI was a life-changing eye-opener for me personally, but benefited the entire organization as well. Following through on the LPI learning have resulted in a marked reduction in stress levels and increased performance efficiencies across the board. I wish I had known and taken this program earlier, and strongly recommend for all aspiring and senior level management to invest in, especially in this increasingly fast changing, and complicated world."
Hisako Hankinson, President, Platinum Guild International, Japan
“I led the National Grid relationship with Perspectiv for 2-3 years helping the company address three main challenges:
  • Although we have an imperative to improve and change, our employee survey said we were not very good at it. We needed to take people along the change journey. Traditionally, we have not been focused upon the softer issues like engagement and bringing people with us by design.
  • Our organisational expectation is to collaborate across the whole of the business in order to maximise inherent capabilities. In the old way, command and control might have worked but not if we wanted to realise our full transformational potential to be setting the performance frontier.
  • We need to grow and develop future leaders through the provision of effective problem solving tools, acceleration programmes and facilitative leadership practices. This would have the added benefit that will develop individual’s confidence in embracing challenges that especially require collaboration whilst serving personal career development.
Perspectiv provided applied facilitation services and more importantly trained and coached us to develop our own capabilities which we then applied in the business using their direct support only where necessary. The programme involved learning a system based on Facilitative Leadership and a natural engagement process for change called Creative Problem Solving (version 6.1).

We developed and embedded our individual and organisational capabilities through setting candidate selection, qualification and competency expectations and supporting our people with mentoring, buddying and critically the establishment of our own group wide community of practise learning development forum. We took on high priority internal and external business issues and came through with much greater outputs and results than we would traditionally have both set or achieved.

The programme was universally well received and as one participant said: “The course was a brilliant balance between theory & practice & flexed sufficiently to manage the growing needs of the group. Best course I have ever been on.”

I feel very proud about our sustainable achievements and highly appreciative of the role that Perspectiv played on this programme.”
Brian McNamee, Business Change and Delivery Manager, National Grid