Who we are

Perspectiv is a consulting and training company, combining proven  methodologies with practical application to enable organisations improve performance.

We help organisations develop their people, whilst developing their business. Using our expertise in leadership and team development, creative problem solving, strategy and change management we act as change catalysts enabling clients find, develop and own solutions. We and our associates combine common and complementary skills, a breadth of past experience and a passion for excellence

Our Clients

We work with a diverse array of small businesses and large organisations, profit and non profit at all levels. Our training, facilitation, coaching and consulting assignments have ranged across:
Functions: organisational architecture, strategy, new product  development, new business development, consumer insight, customer service, branding, sales, marketing, finance, human resources and operations
Sectors:  FMCG, transport, IT, retail, media, engineering, manufacturing, education, utilities and finance
Markets: UK, Europe, Asia and USA